Biljoenbad Velp

Swimming Pool Biljoenbad, Velp

Thanks in part to Climotion, the Biljoenbad in Velp is a future-proof swimming pool. The system saves energy and ensures a comfortable swimming climate.

Climotion ensures a homogeneous distribution of air in the Noord-Veluws Museum

Noord-Veluws Museum

The Noord-Veluws Museum is fully equipped with a Climotion system. With this system, the climatized air can even reach behind the paintings, which, with a conventional system, is nearly impossible.

IKEA Ardon reference

IKEA, Orléans-Ardon

Les premiers résultats depuis l’installation du système sont très satisfaisants. La consommation d’énergie est réduite d’environ 30 à 40% par rapport à un mode standard de régulation.

Swimming Pool De Heerenduinen, IJmuiden

For many years, visitors to the pool and employees complained about the indoor climate due to the combination of (excessive) humidity and temperatures that were difficult to regulate.

DOMunder Museum, Utrecht

Climotion made sure that all sections of the museum have the same air quality, without having to blow air through the museum at high speeds.

Alliander, Duiven

The expansive glass surfaces and extensive height posed a considerable challenge. The end result is a modern building that boasts Breeam Outstanding certification for sustainability.

Theatre De Lawei, Drachten

The climate control system in Theatre de Lawei is linked to the booking program for the theatre halls and classrooms. Comfortable and low energy cost.