University of Groningen

Client: University of Groningen
System: Climotion one-duct
Installation partner: Kieback & Peter Nederland bv

The University of Groningen is the first educational building in the Netherlands to incorporate the Climotion system. The successful pilot project conducted in the auditorium of the Academy Building shows that the Climotion system regulates fresh air and a pleasant temperature in an energy-efficient manner. The university expects to achieve up to 30% energy savings compared to a traditional ventilation system. It is expected that, following the renovation, the library will progress from a B Energy-label to an A Energy-label.
To better accommodate the growing number of visitors to the university, the library is undergoing renovation. The number of study places is being increased from 1,700 to at least 2,700, with the possibility of further expansion in the future.
The University of Groningen has set itself the goal of improving the indoor climate considerably. This is made possible thanks to the successfully tested Climotion system in the Academy Building auditorium.
This system supplies the library with sufficient fresh air and ensures a consistent temperature and ideal climate. At the same time, the system uses far less energy than the traditional HVAC system. In keeping with the growing number of visitors, this will result in energy savings of around 20%.
These savings are possible because of the user-dependent amount of air that is climate controlled. This means that climate regulation is based on comfort – consisting of temperature and air quality – and not on the prescribed amount of m3 of fresh outside air per person. The air measurement is so efficient there is a surplus of warm air, and cold air can be used more often to conserve energy.