Swimming Pool Molenduinbad, Norg

  • Client: Molenduinbad Norg
  • System: Climotion, single supply duct
  • Installation: Van Dorp Installaties

Swimming pool Molenduin in Norg has been revitalized following a renovation

After the municipality of Noordenveld agreed to a large scale renovation of the Molenduinbad, work started in march 2017. Installation-wise, this was no small feat for installation service Van Dorp from Heerenveen, The Netherlands. It included making a new, movable swimming pool floor, a new air treatment unit by Rosenberg and new circulation pumps. What is most surprising, after the renovation, is the absence of the large blue ventilation ducts. Removing these ventilation ducts is made possible by the introduction of the Climotion system. The innovative system requires you to let go of the traditional way of ventilating and climatizing a room. With Climotion, the air in the swimming pool is spread using a varying amount of overpressure. Using this principle, Climotion realizes large energy savings whilst retaining an optimal indoor climate.

Drastically improved

Manager Joost Veenema of the Molenduinbad says the following about the Climotion system:

“All of us at the swimming pool are very satisfied with the new system. The indoor climate has drastically improved. It just feels much nicer, just as warm as before, but less of a pressing heat. This is a substantial improvement for anyone that visits the Molenduinbad, but it is also an improvement for our staff. They spend a large portion of every day in the indoor climate. Another pleasant side-effect is that the air ducts are no longer required to be above the swimming pool. The suspension structure no longer needs to be annually checked and no longer accumulates dust. Plus it is just much more aesthetically pleasing. In short, we are very satisfied with the Climotion system!

Perfect indoor climate

The Climotion system has been running as expected for over three months. Air currents are no longer felt, there is no condensation on the windows and a comfortable, evenly distributed indoor climate is the result. Now that the indoor climate is perfect, Climotion and Molenduinbad will work together to increase energy savings even further, without negatively influencing the indoor climate. The climate system is already realized substantial energy savings compared to the years before Climotion was introduced, but there are still possibilities to further optimize energy savings. The most important factor in realizing this is the communication between Molenduinbad and Climotion, which is going very well

Before renovation

After renovation