DOMunder Museum, Utrecht


  • Client: DOMunder foundation
  • System: Climotion, single supply duct
  • Architect: JDvV Architects
  • Consultant: HE Adviseurs

DOMunder museum

The DOMunder Museum is a new museum concept in the heart of Utrecht. As the name suggests, it consists of ‘an underground exploration of 2,000 years of the history of Dom Square in the centre of Utrecht’. Nowhere else in the Netherlands can twenty centuries of history be seen and experienced in one place.

Under Dom Square

The museum is located under Dom Square, so it fits perfectly within the attractive Dom area of Utrecht. A textbook example of creative solutions for vitalizing cultural heritage, it is no surprise that its initiators recently won a ‘Museums + Heritage’ show award during the biggest professional event for museums, heritage management and cultural attractions held recently in London.

Comfortable underground indoor climate

Naturally, a good museum experience includes a comfortable and fresh indoor climate. But how do you achieve this with large groups of people in an underground space? And how do you make sure that all sections of that space have the same air quality without having to blow air through the space at high speeds? The answer is as simple as it is effective: the Climotion system.

No poor air quality

Since there is no possibility to flush the space, the homogenization created by the Climotion system is extremely important. This system ensures that no ‘islands of poor air quality’ arise in the underground space and that every visitor, wherever located in the DOMunder museum, experiences the same good air quality. This is also important for the collection due to the prevention of an accumulation of pollution or humidity.

Want to experience Climotion for yourself in this inspiring environment? Museum DOMunder is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm.

museum DOMunder