Multifunctional Centre, Noardburgum


  • Client: Municipality of Tytsjerksteradiel
  • System: Climotion, single supply duct
  • Architect: Dorenbos Architekten bna
  • Consultant(s): Adviesgroep HTD
  • W-Installer: Pranger-Rosier Installaties bv

New sustainability goals

The Multifunctional Centre (MFC) Noardburgum was built in 2013 at the location of the former ‚De Balstien‘ community centre. The community centre no longer met user needs and was no longer in line with the Municipality of Tytsjerksteradiel’s sustainability goals.

New, modern and sustainable

The new Multifunctional Centre houses a general practitioner, physical therapist, youth centre, ’t Krobbenêst preschool, Kinderwoud childcare centre, ’t Protternêst after school care centre and, of course, the community centre, with meeting rooms and a large hall with a stage. The architecture is ultra-modern, low-energy, eco-friendly and attractive. With a sedum roof and recycled stones, the architect has successfully addressed the municipality’s desires.

Innovative Climotion system

Choosing the Climotion system was an easy decision. The municipality had already embraced the innovative Climotion system back in 2010. The MFC is fully heated, cooled and ventilated using the Climotion system, which means that no radiators or underfloor heating, for example, are required. Each room in the MFC has a single supply and exhaust air duct.

“What other village can boast a community centre with a sod roof and rooms with a floor that is just as warm as the air under the ceiling? We enjoy a comfortable climate and the heating costs are minimal. And all users are completely satisfied!”

Chairman Local Interest Noardburgum