Swimming Club Køge Svømmeklub, Herfølge (Denmark)


  • Client: Køge SvømmeKlub
  • System: Climotion, single supply duct
  • Advisor: Climotion Nordic ApS
  • Installer: Climotion Nordic ApS

Køge Svømmeklub is a local swimming club with a small swimming pool that was built in the 70s. The facility consists of a 25×12.5m competition pool with 6 lanes, along with a 12.5×6m paddling pool. The swimming club chose to upgrade their current ventilation system to Climotion. This has been done by only changing the control system.

Better indoor climate

Since the adoption of Climotion, the coaches and members of the swimming club say they experience a far better indoor climate. Temperature differences have been minimised and getting out of the pool does not cause people to feel cold anymore.

Energy savings

Additionally, the swimming club started saving significantly on energy costs since adopting Climotion. In fact, the low blow-out speed needed for the system does not only prevent draft. It also saves a lot of fan energy usage. This comes on top of the energy savings Climotion already realises on heating and cooling.

Køge Svømmeklub