IKEA, Orléans-Ardon


  • Client: IKEA Orléans-Ardon
  • Consultant: Axiome Consultants
  • System: Climotion
  • Installation: Tredan SAS

IKEA equips its buildings with the Climotion solution.

In constant search for innovative solutions to make their stores technological showcases (Think of their use of Solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, geothermal and 100% LED lighting) Construction services of IKEA France have chosen to equip their air conditioning system with the revolutionary Climotion algorithm. This technology, which exclusive patent is held by Bosch, not only allows precise control of the internal climate, but also ensures a significant reduction of the energy bill. Mr. Frédéric Gautier, Construction Manager at IKEA France, is committed to an ambitious energy policy for the construction and renovation of the brand’s stores. There has been a thorough research to identify the most innovative technological solution which, in addition to the solutions already applied to isolate the buildings (such as air permeability insulation), helps a achieve a maximum of energy saving.

New IKEA store in Orleans

The New IKEA store in Orleans, which opened its doors in August 2016, has been the first candidate for an installation of the Climotion system. In addition to the technical performance, for example accurate monitoring and control of ambient temperature, CO2 and temperature setpoints, measurements show there is a 30% profit on the electricity consumption of the air-conditioning (air treatment) installations.

The construction department has chosen to monitor the developments concerning the performance of the Climotion system on a weekly base. This is compared to the original systems performance. Under identical external conditions; the Climotion algorithm is shut down each Wednesday so that a comparison can be made with the original system.

A revolutionary solution

A revolutionary solution for large buildings to solve the problems concerning implementation and configuration. It is for the first time in France that a building of such volume is being equipped with various rooftop machines, with a by E.T.T. (Energy, Thermal Transfer) developed and adapted control system for the Climotion software. The software is a solution For managing and controlling both air treatment and air conditioning systems. It utilizes the pressure difference between the outside and the inside of the buildings. It is based on the air reversal effect, known to mountaineers, this intelligent& system also uses this atmospheric effect to optimize airflow and power supply.

For an IKEA store the expected energy savings should average around 30-70%. Further more it is expected that the air quality will be optimized, which will result in increased customer satisfaction and increased customer numbers.

The first results

Frédéric Gautier construction manager, IKEA France:

“The first results since we installed the system are very satisfying. Energy usage has been lowered by 30 – 40% compared to standard systems. With a return on investment of 3 to 4 years this solution is an extra pin in the IKEA construction group’s strategy to promote new manners and techniques of energy usage. Techniques that realize substantial energy savings without lowering the comfort of our customers.”