Noord-Veluws Museum


  • Client: Noord-Veluws Museum
  • System: Climotion, single supply duct
  • Architect: Kamsteeg + Bisschop architecten BV
  • Advisor: Cab Maurik InstallatieAdvies

Painter’s village

Between 1880 and 1950, Nunspeet was a painter’s village. Hundreds of painters were active during that time, but, incontrast to the Bergense School (Museum Kranenburgh) and the Larense School (Singer Museum), hardly anyone has heard of the Nunspeetse School. Noord-Veluws Museum in Nunspeet wanted to change that. The initiator is ex business man Herman van Ree. He lent his own collection of 200 paintings from the area as a base for the museum.

A decision not hastily made

The museum did not hastily choose the revolutionary Climotion system. Many other options had been considered, such as floor heating and cooling with use of a heat pump. Subsequently, all options were compared, also in terms of investment costs. Which, in comparison to a conventional system, were even favorable.

A homogeneous distribution of air

Climotion induces a chaotic blending of air. The board and building team of the museum were convinced by smoke tests. This is how it works: in every space, the air is supplied through supply grids. When one administers smoke at this point, one can see what is actually happening with the air. With a conventional system, the air will be supplied from the ceiling and will go down along the walls. Then, the air will move from the floor to the walls, and from the walls again back into an air exhaust. With Climotion, a homogeneous distribution of air across the space is ensured. This means the climatized air can even reach behind the paintings, which, with a conventional system, is nearly impossible.

No treatment of symptoms

The world of mechanical engineering so far has only treated symptoms. One for example put a radiator underneath a drafty window to do away with the cold. One was making up tricks to distribute both warm and cold air to certain spots within a space, but a fundamental solution was never found. Until now: the Climotion system provides a solution to all these climate problems.

Climotion ensures a homogeneous distribution of air in the Noord-Veluws Museum