Swimming Pool De Waterwyck, Steenwijk

  • Client: Municipality Steenwijkerland
  • Architect: AGS Architekten & Planners BV
  • System: Climotion, single and dual supply duct
  • Advisor: Adviesgroep HTD
  • Installer: Breman Meppel BV

The municipality of Steenwijkerland had the wish to combine the necessary renovation of Swimming Pool De Waterwyck with the expansion of the new multifunctional sports hall. Between the two buildings a new catering facility was realised as well. In the summer of 2013 the accommodation was festively reopened.

An important regional facility

The pool has a recreational bath of 230m² with a minimum temperature of 31,5 °C. A variety of water attractions is available, such as a slide, water creek, massage jets, and a hot whirlpool. The contest pool, 25 x 15 meters, contains six tracks and a moving floor. In combination with the sports halls, the complex forms an important regional facility.

The right climate for every space

Both the municipality and the swimming pool board made the decision to implement a Climotion system in every building area. In the already existing pool the air ducts were utilized, however, in the new sports hall and catering facility it was possible to reduce the number of ducts to a minimum. With use of flexible walls, the sports hall with NOC-NSF quality mark can be divided into three different parts which can all be climatized separately.

Egg of Columbus

Thanks to Climotion the sports complex now features a sustainable system that provides visitors and employees of an excellent interior climate, in both the swimming areas and other parts of the building. The staff of De Waterwyck is therefore very content with the Climotion system. Now, the climate is so comfortable the staff can stay within the swimming area for long periods of time. According to the technical administrator of the swimming pool, the system is “without doubt the Egg of Columbus”.

the best climate for every space