Swimming Pool De Heerenduinen, IJmuiden


  • Client: Municipality of IJmuiden
  • System: Climotion, single supply duct

Innovative indoor pool

Whether you are interested in disco swimming, swim laps for exercise or relaxing and enjoying the spacious indoor pool, De Heerenduinen has it all. De Heerenduinen is a popular neighbourhood retreat in the Velsen and IJmuiden region and a pioneer in the implementation of new ideas and innovations.

Indoor climate complaints for years

For many years, visitors to the pool and employees complained about the indoor climate due to the combination of (excessive) humidity and temperatures that were difficult to regulate.

Early adopter of the Climotion System

After carrying out a detailed analysis, De Heerenduinen was one of the first swimming pools in the Netherlands to decide to install the Climotion system. The 25-metre competition pool, recreational pool and warm multipurpose pool were switched to the Climotion system in three phases.

Drastically improved climate

Climotion has now been in operation since 2013 and complaints about stifling air, fogged-up windows and shivering swimmers poolside are now a thing of the past. The complaints and high degree of absenteeism of staff have disappeared and the facility is now a pleasant place to swim and work.

Considerable energy savings

Although not the primary goal of the project, considerable energy savings have also been achieved since the installation and start-up of the Climotion system, making it possible to recoup the entire investment in only a few years. Enthusiastic about the results, the Municipality of IJmuiden has now also installed the Climotion system at the sports centre and new De Ring primary school.

Swimming pool Heerenduinen