Climotion is a revolutionary piece of software for controlling an air conditioning system. All relevant values in a room are measured accurately, so the exact quantity of heated or cooled air can be determined.  The core feature of Climotion is control based on the correct air pressure in a room, which gives rise to a special process: diffuse ventilation.


Diffuse ventilation with Climotion enables the development of a homogeneous composition of air in a room. Unlike conventional systems, Climotion does not require high air speeds in order for the air to be mixed, resulting in a draught-free climate everywhere. In addition, there is no longer any downdraught next to windows and other cold surfaces, thanks to the pressure control. In short, the internal climate is very comfortable everywhere, even when high ventilation rates are needed.

Energy savings

With Climotion, there is no ‘push’ required in order to condition the air in a room. This allows the fans of the air handling unit to rotate much slower as soon as there is less demand from ‘to be conditioned’ rooms. This saves up to as much as 50% in fan energy usage. In addition, a homogeneous distribution of air means that all energy actually ends up where it should in a room. Finally, no one benefits from too much hot air beneath a ceiling while the employees below feel cold. For this reason, Climotion also offers considerable savings in heat demand as well as electricity savings.

Architectural benefit

Climotion allows a fundamentally different approach on installation design. In conventional systems, the ‘push’ from a grille determines the design of ducts and the positioning of the grilles. Thanks to Climotion, it is possible to blow in air far from the occupied zone, which usually requires fewer ducts and fewer grilles. It often requires some creativity and a sound knowledge of design but the results can be amazing. For example, the installation size can be kept to a minimum, particularly in large, open spaces.


All advantages clarified


Climotion is a revolutionary invention that allows fresh air supply to mix with existing air by means of diffusion. Climotion controls this process by creating subtle micro-variations in the area’s air pressure. Variations that are so small, they cannot be detected.

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Increased comfort
  • Straightforward installation
  • Reduced costs
  • Healthy indoor climate conditions
  • Short return on investment
  • Considerable design flexibility
  • Reduced sick leave staff


A selection of our projects

Climate controlling with the Climotion software has for years been very successfully applied in a wide variety of buildings.
Below you can view our reference projects. Click on the pictures and discover the possibilities.


The Climotion system enables a more flexible installation design. For optimum results, the specific expertise of the consultant or designing installer is needed. As a supplement to our designer training programme, we also offer the possibility to have specific aspects of a design assessed. This includes the selection of grids, location determination of measuring equipment or determination of optimal supply air temperature.

Today’s building installations entail complex technological combinations. They can contribute significantly to comfort, but do not always function as desired. Climotion makes it possible to efficiently and effectively resolve any comfort issues related to humidity, draughts and local temperature differences. But a properly functioning installation remains a necessity. When problems arise with existing installations that include Climotion software, you can count on our expertise. Our ‘audit’ involves an analysis of your entire installation and possible solutions to any problems identified.

Our many years of experience enable us to expertly carry out projects from start to finish. We are happy to share our knowledge with you. One way we do so is by offering various training programmes. This includes training consultants and employees of installation companies who will be supervising a Climotion project or installing the Climotion system.

  • Group- or private training
  • Result oriented
  • Affordable
  • After Sale
  • Consult at your office
  • With practical examples
  • Understandable language
  • Study materials

Want to familiarise several employees with Climotion at the same time? We also offer in-company training, customized to meet your (project) specific desires and other needs.