In januari 2017 our co-shareholder Bosch Energy & Building Solutions GmbH transfered management of the Climotion software to us at BaOpt Benelux. Climotion was known mostly as ‘BaOpt’ in the Netherlands and Belgium. All patents are and will remain to be owned by Bosch, except we will be able to provide even better and faster service than before.

The transition has been completed and we service customers throughout the European Union, Turkey, the Middle-East, Russia, Argentina and Brazil from our office in Haarlem, located in the Netherlands. Our research & development center in Leens, also located in the Netherlands, is working at full speed and will continue to innovate the Climotion software to make it even more user friendly and comfortable whilst optimizing energy savings.

Now that we operate around the world, we have switched to the international name for ‘BaOpt’. Starting today, BaOpt Benelux is renamed Climotion bv.